Want to keep up-to-date with the latest membership news, as well as learn more about what’s new throughout the digital world? Learn more about Senior Internet and the membership digital industry here.

Want to keep up-to-date with the latest membership news, as well as learn more about what’s new throughout the digital world? Learn more about Senior Internet and the membership digital industry here.

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09 March 2017

Are Targeted Ads the future of marketing (& how can CRM help?)

With the increase in internet usage the world over and wider availability of hand-held, internet connected devices we expect targeted marketing to become a key component of...
06 March 2017

A new look for Boots Opticians Franchise’s new site!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of Boots Opticians Franchise’s new website. We are so pleased to have been chosen to work with Boots Opticians...
23 February 2017

Life after launch – how a website flourishes

This is always one of the biggest things on our clients’ minds as we’re working through a project with them. For membership organisations updating a website is...
21 February 2017

How to increase your website's user engagement

It's fairly common to hear that a client wishes to increase 'user engagement' on their website, but what exactly does this mean? User engagement is an assessment of an...
08 February 2017

Mobile vs desktop: websites in a multi-device world

Over the last decade, mobile has a gained a huge slice of traffic on the internet, membership websites included. It is crucial to understand your audience’s usage across devices and how to...
01 February 2017

9 ways your organisation will benefit from a microsite

We love microsites. They are fun to design, build and create and we love seeing how much they benefit our clients. We’ve made a list of just 9 of our favourite reasons why you should choose a microsite for your next campaign.
24 January 2017

Top tips on how to increase your event attendance

For many membership organisations across the UK and beyond, events are one of the most vital sources of revenue stream and a priced member benefit, so maximising booking and...
03 January 2017

Senior’s predictions for 2017

Most would consider 2016 a rocky year at best. We've lost some prominent figures in the world of arts, culture and politics; seen political opinions split nations and flood news and social media...
09 December 2016

How much should you spend on a membership website?

One of the biggest factors in selecting a provider is the cost. Websites can cost from £500 to over £500,000, but how much should you pay? Below are some of the key questions you should ask...
01 December 2016

Homepage design: Make a good first impression

The homepage for any website is usually the most viewed and visited page and it’s your number one most crucial online tool for gaining members and inspiring your users to take action...
04 November 2016

How to encourage your next generation of members

From speaking with clients and non-clients within the membership and not-for-profit sector, it seems clear that encouraging a new generation of industry...
11 October 2016

March of the Penguin! 4 is here to stay

The end of September marked Google’s launch of Penguin 4, an update to their algorithm which stands to change the way we optimise our websites from now on.
06 October 2016

Brand evolution: why is it essential?

The best way to attract website visitors, reach your organisation's goals and ultimately gain members is to be seen. To be seen you need to be memorable and the best way to do this is with branding!
06 September 2016

The art of offline marketing

For almost 20 years we’ve been keeping up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and equipping our clients with the absolute best tools to maximise their exposure to their members.
01 August 2016

Are you engaging your members?

Before we can answer this question, let's define what 'engaging' means. In the web marketing world, the term 'engagement' refers to how your site visitors interact with and...
14 July 2016

Web developers: 10 reasons to join Senior

If you are a web developer looking to progress your career with a multi award winning digital agency, there's a space for you at Senior Internet.
06 June 2016

Need a new database? Here's why it should be RiverCRM

At Senior Internet we’re looking to build a community; an environment where membership, charities and NFP...
26 May 2016

Calling all graduates!

We’re very excited to announce that Senior will be attending our first ever careers fair! We’ll be doing a mini Midlands tour...
03 May 2016

The Great Senior Bake Off 2016

This week the folks at Senior have been experiencing a bittersweet mix of emotions. On the one hand, this Tuesday marked the official end of what has become an annual event for the team; the one and only...
29 April 2016

Atomic upgrade: Nuclear Institute’s new site!

We’re happy to announce another successful launch of 2016! Our relationship with the Nuclear Institute is one which goes back 4 years now...