For almost 20 years Senior have been ensuring you’re equipped with the tools to maximise your exposure to your members, and no other technique has endured and maintained its ability to engage and impress like print. Providing your members with a tangible, tactile item – whether it’s an invitation to an event, a newsletter they can fold up and read on the train or a flier inviting them to renew their membership – can be hugely effective.

We can say with confidence that print is as effective as ever; arguably more so, as absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Key advantages

Our design team have a wealth of industry experience and know-how under their belts and have worked on a plethora of different offline projects. It’s this experience, combined with our teams’ extensive knowledge on the needs of membership organisations that means we know just want key features go into sophisticated, memorable offline marketing materials.

Great design should be flexible and adaptable enough to make an impression whatever its size. It should not only tell your members and target audience what you want them to hear, but carry your distinctive branding seamlessly. You want someone to be able to look at a huge billboard poster, or a 40 page annual report and instantly recognise your organisation.


print page invitationsWhether it's for an event, renewals or a new service you offer, an invitation must be alluring and attractive. Information must be portrayed effortlessly, and design must inspire.

Event banners

print page bannersIt's crucial you stand out from the crowd at an event, and make a statement that gets you noticed even from across the room. We’ve created monumental banners which do just that.


print page catalogueStylish photography, sophisticated graphics and a seamless blend of written content and imagery will showcase your products and services in a most captivating, appealing way.


print page brandingSomething as simple as a logo is hugely important for an organisation. Your branding must be up-to-date and should subtly evolve over time to make the biggest impression.

Annual reports

print page annual-reportsAnnual reports are essential but can be wordy and difficult to digest. Don’t compromise on important content; infographics can make for a refreshing and engaging read.


print page programmeThese should inform, capture the atmosphere of your event and represent your organisation. They’re designed to be folded, leafed through and shared so durability is key!