Want to keep up-to-date with the latest membership news, as well as learn more about what’s new throughout the digital world? Learn more about Senior Internet and the membership digital industry here.

Want to keep up-to-date with the latest membership news, as well as learn more about what’s new throughout the digital world? Learn more about Senior Internet and the membership digital industry here.

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03 May 2016

The Great Senior Bake Off 2016

This week the folks at Senior have been experiencing a bittersweet mix of emotions. On the one hand, this Tuesday marked the official end of what has become an annual event for the team; the one and only...
29 April 2016

Atomic upgrade: Nuclear Institute’s new site!

We’re happy to announce another successful launch of 2016! Our relationship with the Nuclear Institute is one which goes back 4 years now...
06 April 2016

BSHAA’s new site is hear to stay!

Spring has officially sprung and we’re celebrating our latest site launch; the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists’ brand new website.
31 March 2016

A new term for the Academy of Medical Educators

We're delighted to announce that the new season has brought with it a flurry of site launches from Senior, and the first spring launch is a new website for the Academy of Medical Educators.
03 March 2016

A fruitful February: British Fruit Juice Association’s site is launched!

Our second project of 2016 officially launched this week with the release of the British Fruit Juice Association’s brand new site!
10 February 2016

Senior delivers for the National Federation of SubPostmasters!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our first website of 2016! Long-time partners the National Federation of SubPostmasters have benefited this month from a brand new website.
28 January 2016

Top tips to keep your members happy!

Each membership organisation has different aims but the elements which keep website users engaged and interested are the same across the board.
24 December 2015

Senior’s predictions for 2016

After a whirlwind year of responsive design, wearable technology, Instagram for businesses and, of course, the Internet of Things; it's time to look into our crystal ball once more!
16 December 2015

ALPSP’s new site hits the shelves

We’re delighted to announce our latest website launch for new clients the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers!
10 December 2015

How 2015's top 5 industry buzzwords can help your marketing

It’s crazy to see how fast the world of marketing and advertising changes year by year.
30 November 2015

GAFTA reap the benefits of a site with Senior

We’re delighted to announce our penultimate site launch of 2015! The Grain and Feed Trade Association, or GAFTA, are an international Trade Association with over 1500 Members in 89 countries.
25 November 2015

Does your site need a revamp?

Your membership organisation, like many around in the UK, may have been around for several decades and seen change after change over its impressive tenure.
29 October 2015

A new term for Abbotsholme’s site

A refreshing new site is the latest of Senior’s autumn launches- a revamp for our long serving clients Abbotsholme.
14 October 2015

See CCLG’s new site

It gives us great pride to announce that, after nearly a year of working closely with the charity, the Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group’s new site is ready to launch.
25 September 2015

CSFS’s new website: under the microscope

It's time to crack out the breakfast cobs once more; Senior Internet has another exciting site launch to announce! The Chartered Society of Forensic Science's new site launched this September, to great excitement within the organisation.
14 September 2015

The dawn of a new e-days!

One of the most hotly anticipated new builds of the year has launched for our closest partner, e-days, this week. We’re very proud to say that a huge collaborative effort involving almost every member of our team from start to finish has lead us to the launch of e-days’ high profile new site.
04 September 2015

Top Tips on Video Marketing You Can Use Today!

2015 is driving the way we market our businesses and products into the future fast. Over the last 5 years concepts have changed rapidly, seeing the disintegration of paper based marketing techniques, and the rise of a more social and interactive form of marketing. One method in particular is...
02 September 2015

Game on for British Parking Association's new quiz!

Just five days before the end of August, Senior launched arguably one of the most enjoyable sites we’ve ever completed - a great way to end a fruitful and prolific summer of launches.
13 August 2015

Payzone’s Senior revamp pays off

Continuing our summer of successful project completions, Senior is happy to announce its latest release in the form of Payzone’s refreshed site.
06 August 2015

A step-up for STEP’s Global Congress microsite

Senior and the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners have worked together on two of their most important microsites since 2013, and this week saw the launch of the latest; the STEP Global Congress 2016.