Want to keep up-to-date with the latest membership news, as well as learn more about what’s new throughout the digital world? Learn more about Senior Internet and the membership digital industry here.

Want to keep up-to-date with the latest membership news, as well as learn more about what’s new throughout the digital world? Learn more about Senior Internet and the membership digital industry here.

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01 December 2016

Homepage design: Make a good first impression

The homepage for any website is usually the most viewed and visited page and it’s your number one most crucial online tool for gaining members and inspiring your users to take action...
04 November 2016

How to encourage your next generation of members

From speaking with clients and non-clients within the membership and not-for-profit sector, it seems clear that encouraging a new generation of industry...
11 October 2016

March of the Penguin! 4 is here to stay

The end of September marked Google’s launch of Penguin 4, an update to their algorithm which stands to change the way we optimise our websites from now on.
06 October 2016

Brand evolution: why is it essential?

The best way to attract website visitors, reach your organisation's goals and ultimately gain members is to be seen. To be seen you need to be memorable and the best way to do this is with branding!
06 September 2016

The art of offline marketing

For almost 20 years we’ve been keeping up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and equipping our clients with the absolute best tools to maximise their exposure to their members.
01 August 2016

Are you engaging your members?

Before we can answer this question, let's define what 'engaging' means. In the web marketing world, the term 'engagement' refers to how your site visitors interact with and...
14 July 2016

Web developers: 10 reasons to join Senior

If you are a web developer looking to progress your career with a multi award winning digital agency, there's a space for you at Senior Internet.
06 June 2016

Need a new database? Here's why it should be RiverCRM

At Senior Internet we’re looking to build a community; an environment where membership, charities and NFP...
26 May 2016

Calling all graduates!

We’re very excited to announce that Senior will be attending our first ever careers fair! We’ll be doing a mini Midlands tour...
03 May 2016

The Great Senior Bake Off 2016

This week the folks at Senior have been experiencing a bittersweet mix of emotions. On the one hand, this Tuesday marked the official end of what has become an annual event for the team; the one and only...
29 April 2016

Atomic upgrade: Nuclear Institute’s new site!

We’re happy to announce another successful launch of 2016! Our relationship with the Nuclear Institute is one which goes back 4 years now...
06 April 2016

BSHAA’s new site is hear to stay!

Spring has officially sprung and we’re celebrating our latest site launch; the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists’ brand new website.
31 March 2016

A new term for the Academy of Medical Educators

We're delighted to announce that the new season has brought with it a flurry of site launches from Senior, and the first spring launch is a new website for the Academy of Medical Educators.
03 March 2016

A fruitful February: British Fruit Juice Association’s site is launched!

Our second project of 2016 officially launched this week with the release of the British Fruit Juice Association’s brand new site!
28 January 2016

Top tips to keep your members happy!

Each membership organisation has different aims but the elements which keep website users engaged and interested are the same across the board.
24 December 2015

Old school: marketing revisits email

Over the past few years businesses and organisations have begun to use a plethora of media to connect with their audience. From podcasts to Vines, it seems like the written word is falling out of fashion fast, but research shows that email marketing is still one of the most effective ways of...
24 December 2015

Senior’s predictions for 2016

After a whirlwind year of responsive design, wearable technology, Instagram for businesses and, of course, the Internet of Things; it's time to look into our crystal ball once more!
16 December 2015

ALPSP’s new site hits the shelves

We’re delighted to announce our latest website launch for new clients the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers!
30 November 2015

GAFTA reap the benefits of a site with Senior

We’re delighted to announce our penultimate site launch of 2015! The Grain and Feed Trade Association, or GAFTA, are an international Trade Association with over 1500 Members in 89 countries.
25 November 2015

Does your site need a revamp?

Your membership organisation, like many around in the UK, may have been around for several decades and seen change after change over its impressive tenure.