eBusiness Club

A user-friendly and easily navigable site, with a fresh, up-to-date style

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Their project

eBusiness Club delivers online marketing and information training events. Overseen by the East Midlands Chamber, eBusiness Club offers support and, in most cases, free training on a number of subjects from social media through to e-commerce. Using the Club helps small businesses improve their online presence and repertoire.

Their goal was to become the go-to online resource to powerfully promote a range of events and training workshops available for eligible delegates in the East Midlands. They wanted a modern, contemporary site which was easily accessible while setting them aside as experts in their field.




Our approach

As one of the leading events and workshop providers for IT professionals in the midlands, it was essential that the site be user-friendly and easily navigable with a fresh, up-to-date style. The key feature of this site is the state-of-the-art events facility we developed, with incredibly sophisticated functionality.


The outcome

Since we began this project we’ve developed and improved our events facility, which will positively impact all our future clients. The site is engaging and presents complex and sophisticated technology in a user friendly way, we expect to see this site’s popularity soar over the coming months.