RiverCRM is the perfect database and customer relationship management system to meet your membership needs. Built on Microsoft Dynamics, its flexible, sophisticated and user-friendly nature makes it one of the most successful CRM systems on the market today. We want to ensure you have the best tools available to effectively grow and maintain your membership.

RiverCRM has been built to save you time. Its customisable nature means you can pretty much automate a lot of your processes and reduce the man-hours.

Phil - RiverCRM developer

Key features

On page feeds increase the amount of web pages accessed by a user on each individual visit. As well as this, Senior can easily integrate our enterprise CMS, River with RiverCRM, storing all data collected from membership or event application forms.

Another key feature is contact authentication. You can ensure that all contact information is passed securely from the CRM to your membership CMS and can be easily updated through the account settings within the member’s area.

Online application is a simple, time-conscious process with RiverCRM. Using River's online application form templates, your site visitors can become members in minutes. RiverCRM will then provide them with a member profile area which includes a membership status display, easy and automatic online renewals functions. It's self-service, so they can even update their details and preferences here too.

Flexible application processes

Membership specificRiverCRM is an investment in future-proof quality. We know that every membership organisation throughout the UK is widely different, but RiverCRM can provide an application, whatever your needs.

Membership community

Membership communityOur aim is not just to equip you with a stylish, efficient website. We're looking to build a River community for our clients, complete with services, support and essential membership products.

Seamless integration

Easily integratedUsing valuable client feedback we’ve developed a suite of bespoke software just for charity, NFP and membership organisations including our resident CMS, River, with which RiverCRM works fluidly.

Strong foundations

Strong foundationsBuilt on the framework of a recognized industry leader, Microsoft Dynamics, it provides a native Microsoft Outlook client, browser and mobile access, role-tailored design and advanced user personalization.

Discreet system improvements

Discrete improvementsYou’ll no longer have to worry about technology aging too fast. Our team constantly work to upgrade our technology and these are rolled out automatically with no stress or inconvenience to you.

Customisable and user-friendly

User friendlyRiverCRM is beautifully simple to navigate. The customisable interface means any data stored in our system can be displayed with ease and allows you to create a bespoke, flexible experience.