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18 October 2013 Adam Smith

3 Biggest Mistakes Bloggers Make

Blogging has the potential to be a great marketing tool for your company. It can help give you exposure, help optimise your website in search engines, gain you conversions and much more!

That’s why it’s important to get it right.

Last time we looked at tips to improve your blog.

This time we’ll be looking at things you should avoid when blogging.

There are many mistakes you can make when blogging, but this post will focus on the 3 biggest ones – the kind ofmistakes that could cost you readers.

ONE: Misunderstanding your audience

You may have a clear understanding of what you’re talking about – an expert in your area maybe! But if you don’t relate this to your readers then your blog post may not be useful to anyone at all.

It’s important to understand your audiences’ needs and the issues their facing. You can put your knowledge in a context that will be useful to them!

TWO: Cramming too much into your post

You need a clear focus.

Know the message you want to deliver to your audience and focus on that. And only that.

That means:

  • Don’t go off on tangents;
  • And more importantly – don’t try and cover too many topics

THREE: Trying to appeal to everyone

This point follows on from the previous two.

Just face this fact: You’re never going to be able to make everyone happy.

You need to focus on your audience, what their needs and problems are and create value for them – not overload your post with various topics; this is likely to backfire and your post won’t be very useful to anyone.

So, the point of the story is – remember these points – and avoid them!


Image source: Christian Schnettelker