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14 September 2012

3 Step Guide to Your Company’s Social Media Success

Social media is the big hype of the moment.

Are you taking advantage of it?

If not – or even if you are but aren’t sure you’re utilising it to the best of its ability – then read on…

It’s one thing using social media – it’s another thing using it well. The following 3 ‘steps’ should help you achieve your social media goals.


STEP 1: Understand why using social networks is important


Don’t just follow the trend – it’s vital that you understand why social media will benefit you.

What do the biggest players – Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn – have to offer?

Appreciating their relevance to your company will assist you in the next step.


STEP 2: Develop your social media strategy


This step requires a series of stages:

First: Carry out a social media analysis

What is your company doing with social media currently?

Second: Develop your social media strategy

What are your overall aims & how are you broadly going to achieve them?

Third: Outline phased plan

What tactics are you going to use to achieve the aims you identified in the former stage? What are you going to do practically from day-to-day?


STEP 3: Promote your social media


Exposure – that’s what you need to kick start your social media success.

So, once you’re up & running it’s essential to promote your social networking pages as much as possible. You’re unlikely to just get traffic to your pages instantly – it will require time & effort.

Of course, this post only briefly touches on what you could do to be successful in your social media efforts – the rest is up to you!

Good luck – & if you have any other tips then please feel free to share them in the comments below.