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15 May 2011

6 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Twitter Profile: Part 1

Approximately 300 million users worldwide – 6 million of these in the UK alone.

Twitter is a huge social networking success. In a previous blog post, I touched on the importance of using social networking sites, such as Twitter, for your company.

But with such a large number of users, how do you stand out? What will make people want to follow you?

Naturally, the first area to address is your profile.

This post is the first of a two part series that will look at how you can improve your company profile in 6 quick and easy steps. It’s not rocket science – it’s simple stuff.

Two key areas of your Twitter profile page will be addressed:

1)      Design – this will be covered in this post

2) Content – this will be covered in Part 2

Ultimately, a few simple changes can make a big difference. So, it’s well worth getting it right!

1. Profile Picture

In most cases – the first thing that people will notice.

First impressions count. So put thought into what the picture will actually be.

There are two approaches that can be taken here.

Firstly, you may wish to attach a picture of a person – usually the Managing Director of your company.

Why? It’s more personable – people can see the face behind the business. They may find it easier to build a relationship with you.

The second and more popular approach is, of course, to use a company logo or custom-designed picture.

Consistency is important here. Your company imagery should be recognisable across all you branding e.g. website and social media networks.

In turn, this reinforces your brand.

2. Profile Bio

The second thing people will notice.

You only get 160 characters to write this so make it count.

Your bio states your purpose. What you’re about. Why you’re using Twitter.

So make sure all of the above is included in a short, snappy and sophisticated way!

Take a look a few popular Twitter profiles, like @ChrisBrogan, to see what they’ve put if you’re running dry of ideas.

3. Background

Design your page to fit your business.

There really is no excuse not to customise your background. It’s a very simple process: click Settings – Design.

You can choose from Twitters own designs and colours or use ‘Themeleon’. This offers a greater variety of background options and is definitely worthy of a look.

If you’re feeling particularly creative (or just happen to have a graphic designer handy!), make your own bespoke profile page background, like the Senior profile page. This gives you even more flexibility in terms of getting across the essence of your company.

Again, reinforcing your brand is important. So don’t customise your background to something completely irrelevant to your company.

Until Next Time…

So, remember PBB. Picture. Bio. Background.

If you get these right, you’ll be one step closer to getting the most out of Twitter.

Next time, the second part of the series will look at 3 simple ways to improve content within your profile.

Comments and feedback are welcome.