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20 January 2008

Baggaley Connect with Site-Net

Baggaley Construction has become the first company to utilise an innovative solution to deliver secure wireless Internet connectivity to its building sites. 

The company, which operates primarily in the Midlands and South Yorkshire, has introduced the Site-Net system to three of its live projects. 

Site-Net has been developed by Senior Internet as a complete remote site network security solution for hostile environments like the construction industry. 

Site-Net provides users with WI-FI access to the Internet and corporate VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) backed up with an enterprise level firewall, anti-virus and spam filters in a package that is fully managed, supported and monitored 24/7 by Senior. 

The 'all in one VPN in a box solution' can be installed and configured in just a few hours, providing remote workers across a construction site with easy access to websites, email and remote servers, on their company networks. 

Baggaley is utilising Site-Net in Nottingham, Mansfield and Doncaster. Currently some 15 remote workers are able to access files and plans saved on Baggaley's central server as well as send and receive email and access the Internet via their laptops anywhere on site. 

“The Site-Net system provides us with a quick and easy installation and allows us to securely send and receive information around our sites,” says the Business System Manager at Baggaleys. “We'd been looking for a viable solution to providing network access to people on site for some time and we're about to give up when Senior Technology contacted us about Site-Net. 

“Site-Net meets all our requirements. It's quick and easy to install; it doesn't require us to alter temporary buildings; provides quick, reliable and wireless access to our VPN and the Internet backed up by incredibly secure firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spam software. We didn't think we were going to find such a secure and easy to install solution that would meet our needs and give us a low cost of ownership.”

On site, having remote access to files and the Internet has made a significant difference, as one of the Site Managers comments: “Before Site-Net was installed we didn't have email or access to the company intranet and so there were lots of meetings on site, plans had to be hand delivered and if you wanted anything from head office you either had to leave the site and go and pick it up or ask for it to be posted or faxed. Now, it's sent quickly and easily via email. Site-Net has made a real difference to the way we work and communicate with Head Office.” 

The issue of security appears to be a major stumbling block in the take up of WI-FI and VPN technology within the construction industry and is one of the main reasons behind Site-Net's development. 

“During our research, we found that many building and construction companies would love to be able to provide sites with access to the Internet and company networks as long as it didn't cost a fortune, was easy to install and most importantly, didn't put their security and privacy at risk,” explains Jon McLauchlin of Senior Internet. “Site-Net provides all of these features and costs less to run compared to an internally produced and managed solution.” 

For further information about Site-Net visit or call Senior Technology on 0115 9500101.