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25 November 2008

Connected Nottingham Website Launched

Senior Internet would like to announce the launch of the new Connected Nottingham website.

Accelerate Nottingham was established in April 2002 in response to the emerging importance of the ICT agenda in Greater Nottingham. It has the broad remit of developing and driving forward the ICT revolution in Greater Nottingham. Working closely with the Greater Nottingham Partnership, Accelerate Nottingham has been instrumental in shaping, leading and transforming ICT usage within the Greater Nottingham conurbation and wider Nottinghamshire area.

The Connected Nottingham website has been optimised to promote the best practice and use of technology in Nottingham. The site uses the SeniorCMS with a range of modules including the news module that is shared over 3 separate categories and the events module. The news section can also have stories submitted through the front end of the website for publishing by the administrator. The site also extensively utilises a share facility that links pages to social network sites.