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03 December 2008

E-days Survey success

The E-days team launched our first customer Survey earlier this year with great success.

The idea was to gather information on how clients use e-days, how they feel it has helped and what they would like to see improved.

The level of feedback has been excellent and the E-days team would like to thank all those who took part!

The information we have collected has provided us with a great insight into what clients think about the system and has given us loads of development ideas that should keep us busy well into 2010!

Here’s a sample of what some of our clients said about the system;

“The system enables us to monitor absence more efficiently so that we can identify trends and problem areas. User-friendliness has encouraged managers and staff to record absence accurately” TTT Moneycorp

“E-days system is very user friendly and saves a lot of admin time to HR and managers. The process of applying and approving is easy and automated.” - Real

“Edays has made our absence management system more efficient and easier for end users to administrate.” - Qiagen