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01 March 2012

First Senior Social of 2012

After announcing the formation of the new Senior Social Committee, the end of February saw the first of Senior’s social events for 2012.

The excitement began on a mild Tuesday evening where the team left work together to enjoy a cheap and cheerful tea at a nearby restaurant. The boys tucked into their burgers and girls into their salads!

High energy levels were needed for what was to come… A hugely popular ‘film buff’ quiz at a local venue.

Judging from our scarily poor results – 3/20 being the very best score achieved over the course of the evening – knowledge of films is not Senior’s strong point... Although we thought we should have got extra points for our creative artwork on the quizsheet!

We all had a great time though, despite our epic failure on the quiz side of things! We’ll look forward to our next social event scheduled for late March...