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01 June 2008

IPA launches

It shows thousands of pieces of content, from news stories and events to video and audio clips and it does it all through easy to use dynamic navigation. That’s the new IPA site - it’s the flagship site in the Senior portfolio.

Finding your way around masses of content on the IPA site is a joy. Firstly, there’s a enterprise strength search facility, purpose built to return results of all content, including pdf documents, videos, vacancies and a multitude of other content types. The search produces a lightening quick list of results, ordered by relevance and colour coded for content type. When content is viewed you’re presented with related content and a weighted tag cloud to navigate to further content of your choice. And if you want to store, tag or share content, then that’s easily possible through social bookmarking links available at the bottom of all content pages.

Visitors can always find their favourite parts of the site too. After logging in, you can customise your home page using RSS page flakes – a technology that allows you to gather IPA and external RSS feeds on a page and order them in any order to suit your requirements.

It’s a fantastic application that’s designed to add value to the member information services offered by the IPA. Have a look on