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09 September 2009

River CMS upgrade gives paging to all lists

We are pleased to announce a useful upgrade to a wide range of modules within the River CMS. Fully featured paging is now available on all lists. This upgrade has been released live onto the following modules:

- News
- Vacancies
- Events
- Flex module

The paging controller allows administrators to choose whether or not to use paging, to choose the page length and to choose from 3 styles of paging controller that appears at the bottom of the page. Header text can also be added to the listing page and the administrator can choose whether to use this text on page 1 only, or on all pages in the list. SEO on the listing pages has also been enhanced, and of course all list pages are fully visible to search engine spiders.

Check it out for yourself - theres paging at the bottom of this news page.

It’s a great upgrade to the modules and it’s been released free to all module licence holders.