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01 July 2008

SeniorCMS is here!

Senior is proud to announce the launch of its new content management system. Devised, designed and programmed over a 12 month period, SeniorCMS was launched in July 08 with its first site

SeniorCMS is Senior’s new enterprise content management system. The system lets users create pages, apply design templates, add images and text as well as creating callouts and click-throughs. There’s even a facility to allow each page to be search-engine optimised using Title tags, Meta tags and URL naming. And it’s all designed to be fast, intuitive and easy to use.

As well as page creation, the system also offers additional functionality through a series of modules for News, Vacancies and Events, there is also the Flex module that is totally cutomizable to individual clients needs. There’s a series of further options too, including a multi-language facility to allow the site to be published in any number of languages and an e-commerce plug-in to allow products or services to sold directly from the page.

SeniorCMS has a comprehensive development programme which will see many more module developments and further functionality being introduced during 2008. Watch these pages for further information.