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16 February 2009

TP Toys Launches

The TP Toys website has officially been launched.

TP Toys is one of the leading outdoor toy manufacturers in the UK. The TP product family includes a huge range of garden toys including, swings, slides, trampolines and much more. TP Toys has over 50 years experience of designing and manufacturing outdoor toys which are supplied through leading retailers nationwide.

The TP Toys website has been built using SeniorCMS incorporating an extensive catalogue module to showcase the entire range of TP products. The catalogue has been designed with a number of sophisticated features including a fully integrated supplier search and product specific FAQ sections. The site has been fully Search Engine Optimized using the integral SeniorCMS SEO tools to give it the best possible rankings in Google and other search engines. TP Toys has also appointed Senior with an ongoing SEO contract to monitor and improve search engine rankings following the site launch.

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