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24 October 2012

Two Screens for Every Machine in the Studio

Some may call it greedy, others say it’s amazingly cool, but here at Senior Towers we think it’s just plain common sense to help the productivity of our studio staff.

What are we talking about? Well… in our studio, every member of staff now has two 19” monitors.

The idea was trialled with the web developers first. They found that extra screen real-estate was great for multitasking – sites, content and tools all open and visible at the same time.

So we rolled the idea out to the programming team. They found it massively useful too.

So now we have provided extra monitors for the project managers and account managers too. First reports are that it’s proving really useful.

Looks like the rest of commercial team will be getting two monitors fairly soon… and then we’ll maybe trial three monitors for every web developer!