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14 July 2009

Best of the Tutorial Sites

A ‘does exactly what it says on the tin‘ post.

Want some tuts on how to create a glossy button? Maybe some Web2.0 menu bars? Nah. Me neither. There are a lot of tutorial sites out there, most with the same regurgitated posts out there. But I’ve come across a fair few excellent sites in my time and so it may help someone out if I shared them. So, without further ado, let’s get on with the linklove.

Tut tut tut


psdtutd in my view is a beauty of a website. Before even getting to the content it looks visually stunning. So, what about the juicy tutorials? Well, definitely no overdone glass orb tutorials here. Articles are well explained in a step-by-step format littered with imagery for how each stage should look.

Covers: Photoshop
My pick: Digital smoke effect


No prizes for guessing that this is related to the last example. Again, well thought through content presented clearly.

Covers: Anything ‘web design.’ Front-end coding essentially.
My pick: Tabs with jQuery

N.Design Studio

I love the work of Nick at N.Design Studio. It’s always clean, vivid and exciting. He doesn’t disappoint with his own batch of Illustrator tutorials. Good for learning the techniques.

Covers: Illustrator
My pick: Tracing a photo


Max Design never fail to impress with their simple guides to advanced CSS. The tutorials on listsfloats andselectors are top notch.

Covers: Mainly CSS
My pick: Floating an image and a caption

CSS Globe

CSS Globe often focus on the elements of web design like navigation or thumbnails. Well written articles show the understanding of the author.

Covers: Mainly CSS/HTML
My pick: One-line CSS Tips

Web Designer Wall

Wow. Pretty site. And a bunch of unique tutorials, often thinking outside the box.

Covers: Everything front-end.
My pick: Typographic contrast and flow

Digital Arts

Many graphics tutorials covering most digital media formats. Loads of pictures to guide you through each tutorial.

Covers: Graphics.
My pick: Photomontages

How could we ignore this one. Not the prettiest, but it does the job where geekery is concerned. A brilliant start for any budding coder.

Covers: Anything web except for graphics/design.
My pick: Everything!


I’m always hungry for good bookmarks, so let me and other readers know of your favourite tutorial sites, especially where programming is concerned.