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11 February 2015 Christine Hassall

Exclusive member area



We’ve worked with a vast number of organisations now, and one of the requests we get when organisations have projects coming up is that they need members to have an individual area. It’s really easy to set this up with us using our specially designed CRM system, MemberBase.



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 MemberBase is a CRM system in which you can securely store private membership data such as contact details, job title, marketing information and industry sector. Using this information you can also send out mass mail outs with information relevant to each of your members. This is helpful for you because you’ll be getting your message out to your members quicker, and they won’t waste their time receiving information they find irrelevant.

There are so many positives to giving your members their own dedicated section of the site. Here’s how it will engage them:

It helps you better portray your ethos and message
It’s a great opportunity to let your audience know exactly what you do and why you do it.

It makes your site super easy to use
One login and your member can reach you any time on any device.

It’s self-service
You don’t have to work hard on the upkeep of your member’s section because it’s all done by them.

It can be exclusive
Your member can have exclusive privileges such as private information about you they won’t find anywhere else.

Personalised marketing
You can target your marketing to each member personally, depending on age, interests, job or any other criteria you might find relevant.  This will help you save money and time!

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Words: Christine Hassall
Graphics: Charlotte Richards