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14 July 2012

Expert Tips for Email Marketing: Gathering Email Addresses

Email marketing really does have the potential to deliver great results.

Opted to use email marketing as part of your marketing activity? Well, there’s a few steps you must take before hitting that send key.

First & foremost – you need contacts to send your email to!

It’s important to continually build on your database of email addresses.  Gather them at every opportunity.


But where do I actually get these email addresses from?


1. On sales / service calls

2. At meetings & other networking events

3. At trade shows

4. Through your website – this may be when they download any information from your site e.g. brochure download

5. When signing guestbook

The above methods are ‘real opt-in’ data. Recipients are likely to be more welcoming to your email marketing efforts as they will expect to hear from you, to some degree at least.

6. Purchase email data lists

Good because:  You can acquire email addresses quickly. The key here is to ensure you buy quality-checked data from a reputable company – otherwise you could be blocked as a spammer!!

The trouble with these: Recipients are less welcoming to your email. So, it’s harder work for you!


Another quick pointer before you go…


And the moral of the story… Collect email addresses for your campaign at every opportunity.

One thing to remember though – don’t forget quality!

It’s important to also collect profile data to help you understand more about the people/companies behind the email addresses you’ve collected. This way you can tailor content to appeal to their interests & priorities.