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09 June 2017


We are beginning to equip some of our latest clients’ websites with a brand new feature we’ve developing called FlexMaps. In a nutshell, FlexMaps will:

  • Integrate with and display any data no matter the structure as long as it has location information (e.g. address, latitude, longitude, postcode)
  • Integrate with google maps
  • Allow for customisable theming to suit any site design
  • Feature flexible, light-speed search: by keyword or location or based on any of your data fields
  • Record metrics for Google Analytics and allow clients to view search, clicks and views data to help analyse customer engagement


The development of FlexMaps has been borne out of feedback gathered from our clients. The new feature will equip clients with geographical-based data about, and therefore help them further understand, their members.


The pre-release version is currently available upon request. General availability of a stable version will be at the end of summer 2017


This feature will be available to all our current and future clients. Whether it’s vacancies, directories, office locations, services, members or anything else the clients might need data with geographical spread that clients want to make available and searchable is a valid candidate. We've implemented some interesting use cases for our pre-release clients and are looking forward to gathering feedback as to how other clients feel they’ll benefit.