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17 March 2017

Web stats dashboards

How are you monitoring how well your website is performing? Most businesses and organisations are using Google Analytics, a free tool that gives a real insight into how users and interactive with your website.

One of the downsides of Google Analytics is how disjointed the statistics are from the website, and also how difficult it can potentially be to find the information that you actually want to find. This is why we started to look at ways to pull this information into River.

Next Steps:

Google have developed an API that allows interaction with Google Services; we’ll be looking at what services will be useful to access through River and how much control we can offer. The main goal is to create information that is relevant to you, and will give you the biggest insight into your web performance. 

The Benefits:

  • You will not need to log in to Google Analytics through the separate URL, River will automatically associate the login details to the Google Analytics account and allow you to access the data.
  • Senior will set up a custom dashboard that reports on the key objectives that you’ll measure to website against
  • The graphs and information can be easily downloaded and presented in board meetings

We're cutting out the 'middle man' as a further step towards making your user experience more efficient, giving you more freedom and control over your site.