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29 April 2014 Adam Smith

Has your company embraced mobile?

Mobile has revolutionised how we consume data, putting an extraordinary amount of information in the palm of our hands.

Without needing to use a laptop, we can now browse the internet, download music and even watch films, meaning smartphones are now on the agenda for businesses across the globe.  Choosing not to optimise for the technology could be a disastrous move.

In particular, many individuals are promoting brands on social media via their mobile devices and attracting customers who may never have seen them while surfing the web on their laptop.

A new study from eMarketer has revealed the number of smartphone users worldwide will reach 1.75 billion this year, yet businesses continue to alienate such a large segment of their audience by not introducing a mobile presence.

Finance brands lagging behind

With this in mind, it is shocking to see that 24 per cent of the 50 top spending finance brands do not have a mobile presence. The research, carried out by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), looked at how companies are optimising their sites.

Some 22 per cent of the companies covered in the study had responsive web design, which compares favourably with the two per cent and four per cent figures found in the retail and travel sectors respectively.

However, there still remains a considerable number of UK finance companies that have underestimated the power of mobile and this needs to change

Don't rush! Focus on quality!

After seeing these figures, businesses without a mobile presence will no doubt feel an urge to rush into their director's office and find time to create a mobile site as fast as possible, but no smartphone presence at all is better than an inefficient, impractical site.

With this in mind, teams should ensure they put time in to make a site that is as efficient as possible. Optimising for mobile is a long process that should be planned meticulously, taking into account the number of clicks it takes to access pages, the site's speed and the use of images and video.

Mobile sites should be interactive, fast and informative. If customers are having to zoom to click links, or are faced with long load times, it could just push them towards competitors. 

What we can do for you

Here are some examples of how we optimised websites for mobile devices. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your websites responsive.