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08 February 2013

How Eye Tracking Patterns Can be Useful to You

So here’s the burning question: Where do your readers look first on your webpage?

This knowledge is useful to know when designing your webpages along with other marketing, such as email campaigns.


What is eye tracking?


Many studies have taken place to uncover where it actually is that readers initially look on a webpage.

These studies revealed a general pattern.

And what is this pattern?

Well, people browse web pages by looking from left to right, with particular focus to the upper-left of the page. The rough shapes of focus revealed are an ‘F’ shape and a triangle in this upper-left corner of the screen.

Note: This is a general pattern – so, take it with a pinch of salt. There may be variations depending on how text-heavy or image-heavy a page is, for example.


How can this be useful to my company?


A webpage may contain a fair amount of content. However, you will have the key messages you want to get across to your readers.

Knowing where on the page is going to catch your readers eye first is therefore vital.

Why? Because your messages should be focussed around these areas.

You may not have much time to grab your readers’ attention – don’t miss your opportunity!

Something as simple as moving your content around to focus your key messages in ‘hotspots’ on the screen could result in a lead/sale.