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11 October 2012

How Times have Changed in the World of SEO

Optimising company websites for search engines is a key marketing tool for many companies.

So – it’s important to be aware of how Google’s algorithm is changing in order to optimise our sites as best we can.

This post will give you an awareness of how the algorithm has changed over the last 2 years.

On-page SEO



  • Focus on keyword density – i.e. squeeze in as many keywords as possible
  • Important that keywords included everywhere on web page e.g. title, headers, copy



  • High keyword density = spamming
    • Google looking for more ‘humanised’ language – take our ‘corporate web design‘ page for example, it includes the keyphrase several times but doesn’t over-optimise for it
  •  Site speed also a factor


Off-page SEO



  • The more links, the better – didn’t really matter where they came from!


  • Links better from ‘relevant’ sites that are closely related in theme


Social Media



  • Innovative way to bring traffic to your site


  • Necessary way to bring traffic to your site


Remember, Google’s algorithm is constantly changing. It’s of paramount importance that you’re aware of any changes that may affect your ranking!

Good luck in your SEO efforts.