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03 April 2012

Identifying How Relevant Using PPC is to Your Company: Part 1

PPC marketing has the potential to be a powerful contributor to your marketing goals – so, it’s definitely something worth considering.

First, we considered when and when not to use PPC marketing.

Then, we explored the different types of PPC marketing available to you.

Now, it’s time to assess the good and the bad when it comes to PPC as a whole. Why? Because this will helpidentify whether it is fitting as well as relevant for your company.

This post will look at the advantages of PPC. Next time, disadvantages will be considered.


Why should I use PPC?


1) If your advert doesn’t get clicked, you don’t get charged!

Thus – you only pay for the traffic you receive.

2) Quick and fairly easy to set up

Your ad will appear in Google search results after approx. 30 mins.

3) Can turn campaigns on and off as required

Particularly useful for seasonal campaigns where the time and manpower involved in SEO is not justifiable.

4) Facility to control budget

Through specifying overall daily budget and maximum cost per click.

Thus – can easily ensure no accidental overspend.

5) Possible to track ROI (Return on Investment) on campaigns

Through sue of conversion tracking.

6) And the biggie… You can instantly be listed at the top of Google!


Next time…


Look out for the next post covering the disadvantages of PPC marketing. These shouldn’t be ignored.