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15 November 2013 Adam Smith

Introduction: Using Parallax Technology in Web Design

While parallax has been around for quite some time, the use of parallax techniques with web design is something relatively new!

What is parallax in context of web design anyway?

It’s about perspective. Parallax is used to determine distances between ‘closer’ objects and the background. The result of parallax: a sense of depth.

The easiest way to demonstrate the use of parallax technologies is by showing you a website that uses it.Meadowmead, owners of John Sankey, is a great example website built in Senior’s sophisticated RiverCMS.

Move your curser to the left or right of the screen and notice more sofas/chairs come into view.

This advanced technique gives a 3D effect and in turn an interesting browsing experience for users of the


So, now you’ve seen parallax in action, can you spot how it works?

Not spotted the secret yet? Look again – see how the background moves at a slower pace than the ‘closer’ objects – this creates that 3D effect!

Cool, huh?!

More and more websites are recognising the benefits to this interesting new technique in web design – could it benefit you? Speak to one of Senior’s knowledgeable team to find out more.