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30 July 2015

IWMA’s new site runs like a well-oiled machine

The end of July heralds the launch of the International Wire and Machinery Association’s brand new website. We’re delighted to announce the site was turned over in record time and boasts some lovely new features.

“We worked with the client to establish the target audience, key user journeys and design concepts; once these were signed off the site came together pretty quickly. We were able to put in some nice touches, like the history timeline page and subtle animation on the team page. The design was a little challenging in places, especially making it fully responsive, but it was an enjoyable challenge and one I am proud of.”

Chris – Web Developer

What did they need from their website?

We began working with the IWMA at the start of 2015 and thanks to detailed and productive workshops it was easy for us to get started. They had clear objectives, and ones we’d experienced before as they’re shared by membership organisations everywhere. 

The key aims of the site were to provide better service for their members and to engage and inform site visitors of the benefits that come with being a part of the IWMA community.

Key features

The site has a fresh, contemporary feel; with complex information presented in an engaging and user-friendly way. Visitors can now intuitively navigate the site across a range of devices, creating a smooth user-journey and providing IWMA members with an information hub that is easily accessible.

Star features of the site include the animated team page, which is a great way of aiding member engagement, as it provides a personal face for site visitors. In our experience, organisations which include photographs and biographies on their team page find they have a higher level of member engagement with their website.

The favourite feature of the team here at Senior is the history page, which contains an easy to use timeline. This enables website visitors to put IWMA into context; it’s an easy and effective way of displaying lots of information interestingly and economically.


Like all of our 2015 builds, we’re sure this generation of sites will aid us in advancing our status as one of the most successful membership-sector web providers in the UK. We’re sure the site will hit their objectives and our team will work in constant partnership with the folks at the IWMA to ensure it keeps achieving its goals in the future.