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14 July 2010

Lesson 1 in using Social Media: Promote It!

An increasing number of companies are using social media as a way to communicate with their existing and prospective customers. Or at least – that’s what they’re trying to do!

Many will fail in this quest.

‘Why?’, I hear you ask. Well, quite simply, they don’t promote it!

How will people know about your social media if no one tells them?

What’s the point in putting effort into managing your social media if no one knows about it??

The solution is simple: Promote, promote, promote!


That’s Great… But Where?


1) Links from your website

Probably the most obvious, you’d think?

Surprisingly many companies don’t do this… Or do this very badly! Example: putting a link to your Twitter page at the very bottom of one of your pages – let’s face it: most people aren’t going to notice that are they?

Putting links to your social media from your website really is a must. People who are on your website are already interested in what you’re offering, otherwise they would be there.

So, take advantage of this. Allow them to find out more about your human side of the company. Encourage them to engage with you.


2) Your brochures and flyers

It’s likely that if people are giving these more than a glance, your product/service has interested them. So you already have the advantage; encourage them to visit your social media.

And – again – remember: Promote it somewhere people will notice it. Don’t hide your social media details on the back page of your brochure.


3) Your business cards and e-mail signature

Whether it be existing or prospective customers, they’ve already connected with you on a personal level.

You have all your other contact information on these sources, like your contact number, website address etc. So why not add on your social media too?

One thing to note: with your e-mail signature – make sure you display your social media links above your disclaimer. Disclaimers can be super-long and it’s unlikely that whoever’s reading your email will scroll that far down.


4) Others places you could promote:

  • Customer receipts
  • Car stickers
  • Your radio and newspaper adverts
  • Signs on your premises


5) And of course… Your other social media!

Not doing this would really be a school-boy error.

People are already online and engaging with your brand. Encourage them to do this on more than one social network.


Now… Start Promoting!


Not all of the above will be appropriate for your company. But certainly some of them should be.  Pick and choose which places you can use to promote and well, start promoting!

If you know any other great places to promote your social media, please share this with us and leave a comment.

Finally – so I’ve spent this post talking about promoting your social media. It would be silly of me not to promote our own. So here goes: please check out our FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn pages.