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11 September 2014

Live Chat

This feature will be a way to truly connect with your audience, offering them advice and support on demand.

The chat module sits within RiverCMS and allows your team representatives to log onto the chat system and then field questions from web visitors.

The chat will be visible for all web visitors, if no representative is available the customer will be notified and the message will be sent to a global inbox. When a representative is available, the system will automatically place the chat with the most available member of your team. Each representative will have the ability to upload a profile image that will be associated to their user ID; this can then be seen by the customer to see who they’re talking to.

Through the Live Support dashboard you can quickly:

o    See when a visitor has been active on the website

o    Identify if a visitor is currently talking with one of your team

o    Engage the visitor in a chat e.g. asking if they need any help

o    Talk with other members of your team about potential sales or conversations with a customer

The chat module can handle an unlimited number of representatives and will use a default password defined during the setup of the module.

It's a tried and tested feature which allows you to engage quickly and simply with your customers for a more personal and efficient user experience.