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14 January 2012

Measuring the Success of Your Email Marketing Campaign

Done right, email marketing can be an extremely effective marketing tool.

But how do you know if it’s been done right? How do you know if it’s been successful?

Measuring the success of anything in marketing is of paramount importance. After all, you wouldn’t want to invest time, energy & money into something that wasn’t working, would you?!


So, how do I measure the success of my campaign?


Don’t make the mistake many do. You cannot truly measure an email campaign’s success simply by counting the average open rates & click-through rates.

Although these should not be ignored, they are not enough to determine the success of your campaign in achieving your objectives.

So, first, you need to look at what the objectives of your campaign are. You can then measure performance against these.

Examples of objectives might be:

  1. To generate awareness
  2. To generate leads
  3. To generate sales

Next step: Identify what your success metrics will be, in relation of these objectives. Below are examples of success metrics for the above objectives:

  1. Qualified visits to your website
  2. Request for proposals or Newsletter registrations
  3. Number of sales conversions

Now, you can use these metrics to help you understand the extent to which your campaign objectives have been achieved. The result: You can determine its success.

So, the process of identifying if a campaign is successful or not is a fairly easy one, but often neglected.

Make sure you’re not one of the people missing this trick!