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12 July 2013

Membership Websites: Self-service member access

Self-service access that puts members in control

Who’s in control of your directory content? I bet it’s not your members!

Membership websites have traditionally been populated and managed centrally by website administrators using single-access CMSs. But, things are changing.

As member directories grow in size and organisations expect more for their membership, self-service member-based CMSs are becoming more popular.

Having recently been praised by the 2013 Webby Awards, the Internet equivalent of the Oscar’s, as one of the best Membership websites on the net, the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) website provides its members with access to edit, upload and manage content on their directory profiles.

How does it work?

Each IPA member is provided with a personal login to the website’s CMS, giving them behind the scenes access tomanage the content on their profile pages. Any changes made are then sent to the IPA for approval before being published.

Below, is just one of the 300+ member profiles on the IPA website:


So, what’s the benefit?

  • A directory that remains up-to-date and accurate for visitors
  • Fresh new content that attracts repeat visits
  • Decentralised website management that reduces central administration costs
  • Happier members, who appreciate being able to control their exposure on the web
  • An all-round more enjoyable and engaging user experience

…and, you may even be recognised on the international stage as one of the leading membership websites on the web!

As membership specialists, we’ve got a team of web developers and graphic designers with a wealth of experience working with membership organisations of all sizes.

Visit our membership website design portfolio for more information about our member-based services. Or explore our member-based CMS page to find out more about the CMS used by the IPA website.