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14 December 2009

Merry Christmas from Senior Internet

We won’t occupy your time for long in this post – we know that you’ve got plenty on your mind during the run up to Christmas.

We’d just like to say “Merry Christmas!” and show you a few bits and bobs we created for our Christmas branding and finish off with our Christmas party.

So without further ado, we have:

Christmas Cards

The Christmas Cards this year were simple and effective with the phrase ‘Let it snow’ incorporating the Senior ande-days logos. Our little pun on the reverse was “Delivering your web presence.”  Oh the wit!

Website Banners

Continuing along the same theme were the website banners, best viewed on the Senior website itself.

Email Signatures

The same Christmas branding was applied to our email signatures. If you didn’t receive one, check the picture above.

Christmas Party

We have our Staff Christmas Party photos up on Facebook. If you’re not already a fan of Senior on Facebook, then why wait? Keep in touch with embarrassing photos and what we’re up to on our Facebook Page.

So Merry Christmas and have a cracking 2011.

The Senior Team