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29 October 2015

A new term for Abbotsholme’s site

A refreshing new site is the latest of Senior’s autumn launches- a revamp for our long serving clients Abbotsholme. This update represents a big change for Abbotsholme, and brings with it lots of new and exciting functionality.

Our history

We’ve worked with Abbotsholme for years now- in fact we’ll be celebrating a decade as their website provider of choice in 2016- and together we’ve developed many successful web projects and refreshes for them.

What did they want from their new site?

Abbotsholme has been around for more than 125 years. Their focus as a boarding school is on providing education and care to their pupils and ensuring that parents have nothing to worry about when it comes to their children’s education. They wanted their site and content to orientate more towards the parents of their prospective and current pupils.

Key features

With this in mind we planned to enhance the structure of the top navigation to make key information easier to find, updated all banners for the site, created new and engaging templates for the Governors and staff pages and create more interactive pages and dynamic content.

The site is fully responsive on a range of devices, as are most of our new sites as standard. More interactivity between users and the school has been enabled, through the ‘Why us’ page, the application process and the new ‘live chat’ module.

The banners are now engaging and dynamic and use of photography throughout makes content easily digestible and encourages an intuitive user journey.


Abbotsholme’s goals are to reach and engage more parents through their interactivity and their fresh new look, and we’re sure thanks to the more parent-focused nature of the site they’ll achieve what they want. Their site has been brought up-to-date and its improved structure, a multimedia use of content, and responsive functionality should see traffic increase greatly.