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31 March 2016

A new term for the Academy of Medical Educators

We’re pleased to announce that the new season has brought with it a flurry of site launches from Senior, and the first spring launch is a new website for the Academy of Medical Educators. We found the help and input of the folks at AoME invaluable throughout this process; collaborating closely with them from start to finish. This is also a momentous project for us as it’s our first we’ve integrated with Microsoft Dynamics, AND the first we used new technologies such as Angular on!

We’re delighted with the outcome and were overjoyed to receive this tweet from them on the day of launch:


What did they want from their new site?

First and foremost they needed a database. A smooth, organised way of housing their member-data was essential and they wanted to streamline the application and renewals process which was lengthy and time consuming. As membership renewals were due in December, the lovely staff at AoME spent their Christmas season working on extensive paperwork. From now on they can look forward to a relaxing end to the year!

Key features

Using MS Dynamics has meant that the application process is self-service for members, and a rolling membership means that individuals don’t have to take the time out to reapply. Now the whole renewals process is online, and users can begin an application, save it and come back to it as and when they need at their convenience. Applications can also be tracked using MS Dynamics, meaning that AoME know when an application has been started and when it’s complete.

We used new technologies on this project, delivering it with Angular; meaning the site is future-proof and up-to-date.


AoME’s new site is definitely something to shout about; their smoother, more user-friendly application process saw 29 applications in the first week of launch started, and more than 20% of those carrying through to completion. When we take into consideration the fact that they have roughly just 400 members in total, it’s clear we’ll see great growth and expansion from AoME. It’s been a pleasure working with the team and we look forward to a long and valuable partnership ahead.