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25 November 2014 Infographics

Breaking news: keeping it Local Works!

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our latest project- the Local Media Works. Working in conjunction with the folks at LMW we created this brand new site to be the home of the marketing for local newspapers and their digital platforms.

The website has been created with key decision makers in the news and marketing industry in mind. It serves as an exquisite display of technical features including a live twitter feed, rotating infographics, a database of news brands and a gallery showcasing the adverts that have run through in local news brands as well as numerous creative landing pages.

The local media works seeks to translate big national and international news to make it digestible and relevant to every person, as well as ensure users get an up-to-the-minute picture of the news happening near them. The site itself was created to manage web content and documents in such a way to channel diverse audience groups quickly and easily to internal web pages and external microsites.

We look forward to maintaining our relationship with the Local Media Works, and are sure that their passion and enthusiasm for bringing local news to a wider audience will mean their website is a total success.