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23 April 2015 Christine Hassall

New year, new team mates!

2014 saw the Senior team add 12 brand new members to its ranks in a recruitment drive that pushed the team head count to over 30 for the first time ever. We couldn’t be prouder of this fact, as a growing team means progression for all and a healthy business in general.

The great news is that 2015 has seen this trend continue. Together with e-days, our business partners with whom we share our offices in the centre of Nottingham, we have taken on 3 contractors so far this year to help us, not only with our Agency projects, but also with the launch of the latest version of e-days software. As well as this we look forward to welcoming a Support Executive, a HR manager, a Software Tester, more Software Consultants for e-days, and a C# ASP .NET programmer into our midst over the next few months.

Sadly though, we’re saying goodbye to our wonderful intern, the exceptionally talented Alice Allen, who has reached her placement year in industry at the Nottingham Trent University, will be flying the nest and beginning her career in the world of marketing. We wish her every success for the future and know she’ll achieve great things.

On the bright side we’ve opened our doors to another Intern; Ben Haines (nicknamed ‘Baines’ as we already have a Ben!) Baines is a graduate of York University, and having studied Bioarchaeology, he now wishes to turn his talents to the world of marketing with us. We’re sure there must be similarities between the two and Baines is looking forward to uncovering them for us!

Fun Senior Fact:

Did you know at Senior we like it if you have the same name as someone else? We currently have two Bens, two Phils, two Andys, two Steves, three Chrises and a Christine!