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16 August 2013

Online CPD Diaries can increase member engagement

Honoured by the Webby Awards as one of the best membership websites on the net, the IPA was praised for its dynamic CPD platform.

Q: What made it stand out? 

A: Online personal CPD Diaries that track your professional development.

The IPA’s CPD diary feature allows individuals to record their career development progress securely online. Members and their employees are encouraged to update the time spent undertaking relevant CPD courses and online training, document any specialist reading books read and log any recognised CPD events attended. Below is a snippet of a CPD diary summary:

Adding new diary entries is an easy one-step process. Users simply fill in the details of the activity undertaken and this automatically stored against their individual CPD records:

However, what makes the IPA CPD diary stand out is the way it tracks progress at the organisation level.

Introducing the IPA’s CPD Accreditation Scheme…

Like many membership organisations, the IPA awards members who show sustained commitment to outstanding professional development. But, unlike most CPD schemes, the IPA are able to monitor CPD activity across all employees of each member organisation, allowing them to attain clear evidence that the CPD practice lies at the heart of their business and is not just an ‘add-on’.


This process is automated, providing CPD Managers (self-selected representatives from each member agency) with direct access to monitor each employee’s CPD records. Doing so provides members with an online platform to manage professional development internally and encourages them to proactively manage progress towards CPD Awards and Accreditation. Below is an example of a CPD Managers overview of his or her team:


Each member’s profile displays the level of CPS accreditation achieved, providing a point of differentiation to potential customers browsing the site, providing members with an obvious incentive to participate in the IPA’s CPD programme. See 23red’s profile below for an example of the CPD accreditation display: 

The payoff? A integrated CPD platform that encourages individuals and organisations to regularly update their records and pro-actively manage progress towards the IPA Silver, Gold & Platinum awards.

We’re membership specialists…

Working with many of the UK’s largest membership organisations such as the Advertising Association (AA), The Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) and The British Parking Association (BPA), we have developed a membership specific CMS (River CMS) that is tailored to the niche requirements of the membership sector.

For more information visit our membership web design services page, view our membership website design portfolio, explore our member-based CMS.