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17 March 2017

Page builder

This is a new concept currently in the early stages of development, for creating pages that are more modern and flexible.

Traditionally content pages have stuck to a familiar format of having a main content section and a sidebar of supplemental content, such as navigation and calls to action. In River CMS this is achieved by developing a fixed layout template, to which content sections are added. 

More clients are now asking for pages with more advanced layouts and editing. Fixed columns are also no longer as suitable for the modern web, where websites need to display on mobiles, tablets, laptops, televisions and everything in-between. 

Our solution:

The Page Builder aims to provide an easy way of achieving pages with complex layouts such as these. Pages are built up in rows, with varying numbers and sizes of columns, inside which content can be added. 

This gets away from the idea of “two column” “three column” sites toward more modern, row based layouts.

This also allows developers to control the display of the page on different sized screens using responsive design, whilst allowing the client full control over the content.

It has the potential to completely revitalise the way pages are thought about in River CMS and enable clients to produce fully editable, professional modern looking web pages with ease.