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11 October 2013

Promoting CPD across your membership: Personal CPD Dashboards

Honoured by the Webby Awards as one of the best membership websites on the net, the IPA was praised for its dynamic CPD platform.

Q: What made it stand out?

A: Personal CPD dashboards that increase member engagement.

The IPA provides members with personal CPD dashboards that allow you to track your professional development and access CPD qualifications, courses and events.


And each time an individual creates a profile, the website CMS cleverly uses their email address to automatically align them to their employers account, making CPD records easy for agencies to keep track of. Below is a snippet of a CPD dashboard:

However, what’s rather pretty neat is the way the dashboard content is personalised to the individual user website using their job title and level of experience. This means that CPD content (such as training courses, qualifications and events) is highly targeted and relevant to each user. Below, are some of the training course and online qualifications being promoted on the CPD profile of an experienced graphic designer:

The result? A CPD experience that’s as unique as the individual themselves. By promoting relevant CPD content the IPA are able to provide a structured learning platform, which truly promotes personal development.

We’re membership specialists…

Working with many of the UK’s largest membership organisations such as the Advertising Association (AA), The Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) and The British Parking Association (BPA), we have developed a membership specific CMS (River CMS) that is tailored to the niche requirements of the membership sector.

For more information visit our membership web design services page, view our membership website design portfolio or explore our member-based CMS.