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07 December 2012

Quick Tips to Improve Your Blog in Minutes

Blogging can be a valuable marketing tool for your company.

Don’t underestimate it!

In a previous post, fundamental guidelines were identified to help you gain your readers interest & keep them coming back for more…

But here are some other useful tips which will help you make an even better blog for your community!


1. Categorise your blog posts


If your audience is only interested in one topic then they don’t want to trawl through all your blog posts to find the one’s relevant to them, do they?!

Categories makes this process really easy for them to find all related posts quickly!


2. Make it easy for your audience to share your brilliant content!


Add social media buttons to allow easy sharing.

Twitter. Facebook. Don’t forget other social bookmarking platforms like Delicious.


3. Respond to comments


Encourage your audience to contribute.

Make your blog more of a dialogue than all one-way.


4. Improve your blog by analysing your audience’s reactions


Which blog posts are popular & which are not? Learn from this…

Google analytics is very useful here.


Apply these tips to your blog & watch the results happen before your eyes!

Good luck…. And as always, feel free to share any additional tips you may have below.