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26 March 2014

Unlock new marketing potential!

Making your website perform to its potential is not an easy task! Marketing budgets have seen their biggest increase in 14 years (IPA Bellwether Report) and your organisation could easily be left behind. Here is some guidance for marketing your brand to the maximum!

Introduce Graphics!

Graphics are becoming a much bigger part of online marketing; everything is becoming more and more visual. 40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text (Zabisco), so there's no reason to ignore graphics. Here are four top tips:

  • Change your banners and callouts regularly
  • Update staff photos and information annually to get latest photos
  • Ask Senior about different ways to present your data so you can better engage your visitors.
  • Add icons to lists to bring colour and break up the page.

Connect with social media!

93% of marketers use social media for business (Business Insider). The platforms are no longer a fad. They're now one of the key marketing channels for organisations. If you want to attract more customers and position your brand as a thought leader, social media is a must. To start incorporating the platforms into your strategy, follow these tips:

  • Introduce a new social media layout.
  • Upload fresh and engaging daily content to your organisation's profile.
  • Speak to Senior about how we can aim social media content at your target audience.
  • Track your results.

Engage with news and blogs!

Content marketing is now a huge deal for organisations. It represents more than 20% of marketing budgets and the figure is continuing to increase (Content Marketing Association).

News and blogs are the foundation of any effective content marketing strategy. The content helps brands to engage more customers and establish organisations as authorities in their industry. To get started, read these key pieces of advice:

  • Create a consistent tone of voice for your brand.
  • Write content that informs and entertains readers
  • Speak to Senior about how to plan and execute your content marketing strategy.
  • Refine and perfect your content.

Increase visibility on Google with SEO optimisation!

SEO is fuelled by a number of different components. Social media, content marketing and graphics can all play a part in the Google ranking of your website. However, it is key that the basics are done right, or all that great content will be left undiscovered. Here is some important advice to help your SEO strategy become effective.

  • Find the right phrases to optimise your website effectively.
  • Learn how to use Analytics and draw conclusions from the data.
  • Engage with more prospective customers and grow your business online.
  • Contact Senior about getting your SEO plans off the ground.

Generate new leads with email marketing!

Email marketing remains one of the most effective channels. For every £1 spent on the task, a ROI of almost £25 is generated (Direct Marketing Association).

Email marketing could be key in expanding the reach of your organisation. Here's some advice in getting the best out of this channel.

  • Emails need to be informative and engaging. Plain text just won't cut it.
  • Messages should be tested and tracked. Try new layouts and styles to find the perfect formula.
  • Results need to be analysed. Was one email more successful than another? Try to find out why.
  • Speak to Senior about what to do next.

Use captivating website content to boost your marketing

A website is the pulse of any online marketing plan and it needs to be effective. After all, there are millions of websites on the internet. You need to question yourself: why would someone visit my website? What does it offer that others don't?

The backbone of any website is its content. Even in the modern age where visuals are becoming increasingly important, content is king. Here are some words of advice to make your site even more successful.

  • Consider SEO. The wrong approach could see your site drop in the rankings. Eliminate this possibility by contacting Senior.
  • Establish a tone of voice suitable for your organisation. The website is where your brand speaks to companies. Make it friendly, professional or creative. It's all up to you.
  • Ask for help. Finding the correct tone of voice and style for web content is challenging. Senior can help by focusing on your aims and target audience to maximise your potential.

How Senior can help you to reach goals

Senior has made it easier for your website to exceed its potential. Our online marketing services will generate more traffic to your site, create conversions and help your business move forward in the industry.

Senior has completely re-structured to allow for you to get the most out of your website. Rather than separate SEO and graphics services, let’s group it together; let’s work closer with you to find out what your quarterly and annual goals are. This approach means you can develop specific areas where you need assistance, all managed from one place.

Instead of purchasing a unit of time against a service, you’ll now be buying a collection of credits (the more you buy the cheaper they are). These credits can then be spent on any of our online marketing services…It’s that simple!

If you have a monthly budget that you need to stick to, or a collection of work that you need doing, our Client Services team will carefully help you plan out activity to match your requirements. Our constant aim is to hit the pre-defined targets.

How our credits are categorised

Credits are more of a measure of complexity of the project, which will depend entirely on your needs for that particular element.

If you’re interested in an infographic, a small low detail infographic would be categorised as bronze, while a large detailed infographic would be classed as gold. This is where your account handler will help you decide how to best utilise your credits, and improve your online presence.

Remember, your website is only one component of your organisation's web presence. Email marketing, SEO, social media, graphics and written content all contribute to your site's effectiveness and Senior will be there to help you out with all your online needs.