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16 October 2014 Christine Hassall

2014's recruitment boom for Senior!

2014 has seen some huge changes to the landscape of Senior Internet Ltd. The most obvious of which has been the addition of 11.5 new faces to the team*.

For the past few years Senior has grown, both in profit and size, at a steady pace until the beginning of 2014 when we saw a complete boom. This is why since 2014 began we have taken on an average of one person a month, that’s an increase of 30%!

 It’s not just in one department either! We have added to our team*:

  • 2 members to our Sales team
  • 2 Marketing pros
  • An extra member to our Support team
  • An Accounts and HR exec
  • Another Graphic Designer
  • A Junior Accounts Manager
  • 2 new graduate and junior Programmers
  • A Technical Apprentice
  • An Intern who is an SEO and copywriting whizz

The new guys have settled in naturally to the team, and it’s not difficult: with monthly socials (you can find out about these on Facebook), after work drinks and the occasional gif competition, from personal experience, I can say it’s not long before a newbie feels at home here.  

One of the great things about having so many new people to fill up the desks in the office and the studio is that each one brings with them a brand new wave of ideas and energy. 2014 has seen us hit several targets we’d been aiming for; including the 100,000 users mark for E-days and a six month target set at the beginning of the year which meant that the whole team got to jet off on an all-expenses paid trip to Barcelona! It’s clear that we’ll see the same drive and enthusiasm to achieve even better results next year.

We won’t be able to do this alone, however. We still have lots of work to do and need just four more team members to complete our class of 2014. So if you’re an extremely talented Senior .Net Programmer, a cutting edge Web Designer, or a pro-active, hungry Sales Executive (we have room for two) get in touch! We’d love to hear how you could help us make 2015 even better.

*At time of press.

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