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14 September 2011

The Senior team hit the tracks

It was just a normal Thursday in the office. Or was it?

Everyone was looking a little apprehensive. Playful comments were flying around the office.

And why? It was race day, of course! The team were set to hit the tracks at 7pm in the ultimate go-karting competition.

As soon as 5.30pm came round, the team congregated in the board room – for pizza! Some real energy was needed for what was yet to come. Next stop was the race course.

Once we were all kitted out and briefed on safety, we were ready to go. Tensions were running high. And with everyone on the track at once, it wasn’t surprising!

The race was definitely an intense one... But everyone left with a smile on their face!

Congratulations to Adam, the cup winner, for completing an impressive 38 laps in the ½ hour race time.

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