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10 May 2012

The Good and the Bad in Email Marketing

Email marketing is an extremely popular choice in the world of marketing. And for good reason.

It can produce great results at a low cost!

This post looks at the good & the bad in email marketing; this is all stuff we should know about.


Why email marketing has the potential to be great


1) Reaches a high volume of recipients with little fuss

2) Cheap as chips!

It’s one of the cheapest forms of marketing communications available.

3) Tracking your emails is simple

It’s easy to monitor opening rates, click-through’s & unsubscribes.

This means you can improve for next time!

4) Can deliver targeted messages

For example; purchasing a list of HR managers & tailoring your message to suit their needs specifically.


What might hold your email campaign back


Your biggest enemy: Spam.

You need to ask yourself the following questions as these situations could really damage the potential of your campaign.

How do recipients separate your legitimate e-mail from other spam emails?

How do you avoid being caught out by spam filters & being automatically dropped into junk mail?

It’s important to understand that the above poses a risk to your email campaign. Take action to avoid it affecting you!