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12 January 2013

The Importance of A-B Testing in Marketing

A/B split testing should be used by all of you in marketing. Yes, that’s you too!

Why, I hear you ask? Well, it can bring you an even better result than you anticipated.

But hold on – Let’s rewind for a minute! What actually is A/B testing?!

A/B testing is where two versions of something are constructed (version A & B) & ran simultaneously with each other. Usually these versions will only have one small variance.

The two versions can then be compared to see if the impact on your target audience is different.

PPC text ads. Email campaigns. Landing pages.

The above are all examples of what you can A/B test.

Using the example of PPC ads, you may change a small part of the wording of the ad.

E.g. the description is the same on each ad but the call-to-action different

  • Version A says ‘Request a Demo Today’
  • Version B says ‘Contact our Team Now!’

Next: You monitor which ad is most successful by comparing CTR (click-through rates).

Then: You can pause the ad that isn’t performing as well & launch another ad with a minor variance to the current one… and so on…


So, why is A/B testing so important?


Ask yourself this: Do you really know how your audience is going to react until you’ve tested it?

You might think you know what works best – and maybe you’re right – but how will you really know what’s going to work best with your audience until you’ve A/B tested it?

Experimentation. That’s the key.

Who knows… You might get a surprising result (and from the smallest little change)!

Please share any experiences you’ve had with A/B testing in the comments below.