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15 August 2018 Andy

The place for membership association advice and tips

Bear with us – this one’s a little meta – a news story about our articles.

By working with over 40 membership associations over the last decade or so, we have built up knowledge surrounding the membership sector and the problems that membership organisations face. These little tidbits of advice often build from a problem an association is having. It could be anything from having trouble attracting younger members, to problems with keeping members or wondering or what topics to cover on their website.

Rather than keeping our advice within our community, we thought it best to share with the general public. The outcome is the industry news section of our website – a place where associations can learn how to overcome common problems in their industry using technology or sometimes a change in approach.

Some picks:

How to encourage your next generation of members


How to improve member retention


Membership association websites and the importance of goals


Your member area: the place where everybody knows your name


5 things you can do today to boost your membership website's SEO


Over to you

If you have any feedback, advice to share or problems you’d like us to cover in the future then we’d love to hear from you - simply get in touch.