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14 August 2012

Ultimate Guide to a Successful PPC Campaign

PPC marketing has the power to quickly & consistently contribute to the achievement of your marketing goals.

Some examples of marketing goals may be:  to heighten your brand exposure online, to drive more traffic to your site or to increase number of leads. Whatever your goals may be – PPC marketing could be of use to you.

But – it would be naïve to simply set up a campaign & expect success… There are a number of steps you should go through first.


What should I do before I set up my campaign?


STEP ONE: Recognise when and when not to use PPC marketing

STEP TWO: Explore the different types of PPC available to you

STEP THREE: Identify how relevant & fitting PPC as a marketing tool is to your company

Advantages of PPC: Why should you use it?

Disadvantages of PPC:  Potential issues you may face.

STEP FOUR: Setting objectives for your PPC campaign

Gives you something to benchmark your campaigns success against.

If you’ve got past step four, then you’re ready to go!

You know that PPC has the potential to bring benefit to your company. You know which platforms are out there & which are likely to be most appropriate. You know your campaign objectives.

Now it’s time to design & set up your campaign.

Good luck!