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12 February 2015 Christine Hassall

Up-to-the-minute digital content



To keep your members engaged and interested in you and your organisation, you have to make sure all the information and images on your website are up-to-date. Not only do you have to ensure that you’re providing the best service you can to your members by keeping up with the latest news and changes in your organisation, you also have to make sure the details of your website are up to date and relevant.





Here at Senior we’ve developed our own Content Management System, River CMS which is super easy to use. We have a dedicated support team who offer extensive training on this followed by ongoing support, so if you have new ideas we can help you update it. As well as this you can dip into it at any time and update any information yourself.


How you can keep your content fresh:

Regular updates
Go through your contact information and all information on your organisation and check it’s all present and correct.

A news page
Keeping up to date with the latest news is important to pass information on to your members.

A twitter feed
This is an easy and sure-fire way to keep content on your site fresh, and best of all- it updates itself!

A comments section
You need to make your site accessible and open to communication with your members. If they spot something that you might find relevant, they can help your organisation keep a look out for new developments.

Regular refreshes
Every few years it’s good to keep going back to the drawing board and seeing whether what your site is doing is working. If your goal is to bring in new members, you can track how effect your site is for that. By engaging and connecting with your members you can find out their opinions on how to keep it fresh too.

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Words: Christine Hassall
Graphics: Charlotte Richards