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17 September 2014

Webby Award - IPA 2013

About the Webby Awards

 The Webby awards are highly prestigious awards given exclusively to websites which strive to achieve something a little bit different. They are aimed at those agencies for whom out-of-the-box thinking and innovation are a key priority and those who understand that exquisite design as well as precision performance are fundamental to a stand out website.

 About the IPA site

 “Not only have Senior Internet thought out and provided nimble and flexible technical solutions for our sites, they have never taken their collective eye off of the bigger web picture - especially helping us to evolve a successful SEO strategy - and always advising us in line with best web practice.

 We are a very demanding client as we are representing a client base of UK advertising agencies, so engaging design has been every bit as important to our end users as functionality. We are happy that Senior Internet has met all of the challenges we have thrown at them and we’re happy to act as a reference site for them”

 Mark Rasdall – Information Director, the IPA

 New in 2013 for the IPA’s award winning website

 We must have done something right!

 This award came as a result of a revamp the IPA site underwent in 2013. It’s a testimony to our constant aspirations to remain fresh and relevant and we believe, in an industry which is constantly evolving, it’s more important than ever to regularly take stock and evaluate anything that could be improved or updated. It’s also evidence of the long standing and secure partnerships we grow with our clients; the IPA and Senior have worked together harmoniously for almost a decade.

 The IPA found their site had grown and they felt at this stage after 7 years it was time for a change. Their core requirements and key messages were progressing and they looked to us as creative partners to drive this progression.

 This award represents for us an infallible partnership and our industry’s stunning ability to adapt to a constantly changing world.